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Stress Fracture

Stress fractures are small micro-cracks in the bone which result in localised pain and loss of function. They are a common injury in sports activities where there is repetitive high impact loading of the bone and its surrounding muscles, such as repeated jumping and long distance running. Although the most common sites for stress fracture are in the foot and lower limb, they can also occur in the pelvis, lumbar spine, thorax and upper limb.

Stress Fracture Treatment

The treatment of stress fractures requires a period of avoidance from the precipitating activity, your physiotherapist will encourage active rest and performance of pain free exercise activities to maintain fitness and promote healing. Depending on the site of injury the majority of stress fractures will heal within 8 weeks of beginning relative rest. It is important that you seek the help of a Chartered Physiotherapist to aid your recovery and identify any extrinsic (outside the body) or intrinsic (bodily) factors which contributed to the fracture. Rest alone is not sufficient, failure to address the underlying causes may expose the individual to a recurrent fracture.

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I have attended Portobello Physio Clinic over the past few years for various running injuries ranging from IT Band problems to Achilles and calf strains.
Each series of treatments have been well explained, very specific to my needs and ultimately effective in getting me back running as quickly as possible.
The provision of video exercises, which were emailed to me, has proved very helpful as it ensures time spent treating the injury at home is not wasted.
The service has been exemplary, including staff taking calls after treatment has finished to answer any questions, or agreeing to see me during the day, between clients, to spend a moment or two to ensure I know how to effectively complete exercises.
I would highly recommend the team at Portobello Physio Clinic.

Liam Lysaght Recreational Runner

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