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When are we open?2019-09-02T05:52:01+01:00

stock-photo-15279184-midnight-comesWe are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 9pm. Fridays we open 8am – 6pm.

How long are appointments?2019-09-02T05:55:19+01:00

soon_to_expireYour appointment will usually last 30-40mins.

Do I need a referral from a Doctor?2019-09-02T05:57:52+01:00

stock-photo-16724937-doctorNo, you can make an appointment without a referral from your GP.

Am I covered by private health insurance?2019-09-02T06:04:34+01:00

stock-photo-14482235-3d-small-people-good-placeAs Chartered Physiotherapists we are recognized by all major insurance companies. The amount that you can claim depends on your plan. Treatments are also tax deductable via a Med – 1 form.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?2019-09-02T06:06:29+01:00

We accept cash, card & cheque payments.

Can I expect discomfort after my treatment?2019-09-02T06:09:31+01:00

stock-photo-16001253-3d-small-people-in-a-bathSome people experience some short term discomfort following treatment which usually subsides within 1-2 days.

What is the cost of each session?2019-09-02T06:13:32+01:00

stock-photo-7411508-postmanEach physiotherapy session costs €55. We accept cash, cheque and all major credit cards.

Opening Hours2019-09-02T06:29:14+01:00

stock-illustration-9718354-sim-man-walk-and-talk-with-megaphone-rightWe are open Monday to Thursday 8am – 9pm

Fridays we are open 8am – 6pm

However if you need an appointment outside these hours we will do our best to accommodate you.

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I have been going to David for physiotherapy for the past two and half years and I am really happy with what he has done for me. I initially went to David with upper back problems that were office work related and since then I have been doing strength and conditioning training with David that has helped eradicate that back pain.

Since training with David my fitness levels have gone from non-existent to being able to run a 16k road race, something I would have never dreamed I’d be able to do. Dave is professional, courteous and is an excellent motivator. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Rob Kielty Software Engineer

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