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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Depending on the type of operation and the length of post-operative immobilisation required, there will always be a certain level of swelling, pain, reduced range of movement and muscle wasting following surgery. In cases where there has been a long waiting prior to surgery and no pre-operative rehabilitation restrictions in range of movement and muscle wasting will be even more pronounced.

The time to recovery following surgery will depend on a number of factors, although age and pre-operative conditioning levels are important indicators, the type of surgery can have a massive influence too. For example an ACL reconstruction patient will take at least 9 months to fully rehabilitate back to full function versus a minor arthroscopy to repair knee cartilage which usually sees a return to normal function within 6-8 weeks.

At Portobello Physiotherapy our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in post-operative care and work in accordance with orthopaedic guidelines in assisting patients return to full function and strength.

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I have attended Portobello Physio Clinic over the past few years for various running injuries ranging from IT Band problems to Achilles and calf strains.
Each series of treatments have been well explained, very specific to my needs and ultimately effective in getting me back running as quickly as possible.
The provision of video exercises, which were emailed to me, has proved very helpful as it ensures time spent treating the injury at home is not wasted.
The service has been exemplary, including staff taking calls after treatment has finished to answer any questions, or agreeing to see me during the day, between clients, to spend a moment or two to ensure I know how to effectively complete exercises.
I would highly recommend the team at Portobello Physio Clinic.

Liam Lysaght Recreational Runner

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