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Rehabilitative Exercise

Exercise rehabilitation is the cornerstone of all musculoskeletal treatment protocols. Without it rehabilitation and recovery from injury is incomplete. Following injury there are a number of detrimental effects on the muscles, joints, connective tissue and nerves which can effect function and contribute to pain.

1) Post injury there is rapid muscle wasting due to a cellular response to pain, inflammation, and immobility. The longer the period of immobility or disuse following injury the more pronounced muscle wastage becomes

2) After injury musculoskeletal flexibility is decreased as a result of muscle guarding and spasm. Similarly inflammation, pain and stiffness following injury limit joint range of movement and normal extensibility of the surrounding muscle tissue cannot be maintained.

3) Following injury there is often associated damage to the nerve receptors (proprioceptors) that supply information on joint position and limb movement to the brain, this affects one’s ability to balance.

At Portobello physiotherapy depending on your injury or condition we use progressive rehabilitative exercises to

1) Help you regain lost strength and mobility through progressive strengthening and stretching exercises.

2) Retrain balance through use of proprioceptive exercises

3) Address biomechanical abnormalities which may have contributed to injury, such as restrictions in joint mobility and/or muscle imbalances due to weakness

4) Strengthen new tissue which has been laid down post injury and reduce to the formation of weak scar tissue.

After a lifetime of playing sport, some of it serious and some not, I have picked up bumps and bangs along the way. Last year I started having problems with my knees and for my job that was a problem. Thankfully I was able to catch an appointment at Portobello Physio. After diagnosing me with hamstring tendonitis I was put on a conditioning programme that not only cleared up my knee trouble but has me way stronger so all those other bumps and bangs aren’t as bad either. I have had to go to physio a good bit over the years with my job and I can honestly say that the physio service at Portobello Clinic is one of the very best, couldn’t recommend it highly enough. A great place for sports people.

Michael Nugent Head Pro M.L.T.C Former Davis Cup Player

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