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Corporate Physiotherapy Services

‘Next to the flu, back pain is the number one reason for lost time at work’
It is well recognised and proven that getting employees back to work sooner following injury is better for their health and significantly reduces the risk of developing long term disability.
At Portobello Physiotherapy we provide expert advice and onsite physiotherapy services to Dublin businesses helping to keep their workforce healthy and on the move.

Services Provided

Onsite Physiotherapy

Provide us with a small private room at your office and we can provide physiotherapy treatment sessions at your workplace.

Onsite Therapeutic / Sports Massage

If your muscles are feeling tight and in need of some loosening up, provide us with a small private room and we can provide the rest.

Onsite Pilates

If your office building has some free floor space that would cater for a Pilates class we can run classes from your place of work at a time convenient for you and your employees.

Onsite Health Seminars

We can come to your workplace and deliver health seminars offering your workforce information on how to stay healthy and avoid injury.

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After a lifetime of playing sport, some of it serious and some not, I have picked up bumps and bangs along the way. Last year I started having problems with my knees and for my job that was a problem. Thankfully I was able to catch an appointment at Portobello Physio. After diagnosing me with hamstring tendonitis I was put on a conditioning programme that not only cleared up my knee trouble but has me way stronger so all those other bumps and bangs aren’t as bad either. I have had to go to physio a good bit over the years with my job and I can honestly say that the physio service at Portobello Clinic is one of the very best, couldn’t recommend it highly enough. A great place for sports people.

Michael Nugent Head Pro M.L.T.C Former Davis Cup Player

Helping to Keep Your Work Force Healthy

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