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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Depending on the type of operation and the length of post-operative immobilisation required, there will always be a certain level of swelling, pain, reduced range of movement and muscle wasting following surgery. In cases where there has been a long waiting prior to surgery and no pre-operative rehabilitation restrictions in range of movement and muscle wasting will be even more pronounced.

The time to recovery following surgery will depend on a number of factors, although age and pre-operative conditioning levels are important indicators, the type of surgery can have a massive influence too. For example an ACL reconstruction patient will take at least 9 months to fully rehabilitate back to full function versus a minor arthroscopy to repair knee cartilage which usually sees a return to normal function within 6-8 weeks.

At Portobello Physiotherapy our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in post-operative care and work in accordance with orthopaedic guidelines in assisting patients return to full function and strength.

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Attended Portobello Physiotherapy Clinic for Lower back pain, physio service was excellent, they were able to explain to me in a clear manner the cause of my pain and what needed to be done to make it better. With a combination of hands on treatment and exercises my back has never felt better. I highly recommend Portobello Physiotherapy for anyone suffering with lower back pain.

Anthony Smith Long distance runner

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