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Home Visits

At Portobello Physiotherapy we offer home care visits to the elderly who are unable to attend an appointment at our clinic. This service takes away the inconvenience of travel for people who are less fit or physically able to come to the clinic for an assessment. Working with you in your home environment can provide a more familiar setting for your treatment and allow the Physiotherapist to make the treatment programme more specific to you and your individual needs.

It is often more practical and advantageous to work on mobility, balance and everyday functional activities (e.g climbing stairs, getting out of bed, or out of a chair) in the home setting.

If you would like to avail of a home visit please call us at 01 476 3330.

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I received treatment over the period of several months following a fracture to my foot. Portobello Physiotherapy clinic offers a level of care second to none. I felt I was in safe hands to aid my recovery and help me get back to full fitness.

Reiltin O’ Connor

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